Rabu, 27 Mei 2009

New Books On The Rack

Title: 52 Fables. A Tale A Week Collection
Author: Maxine Slater dan Bob Williams
Publisher: Kohwai & Young Publication(Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.
This wonderful book contains 52 clever tales of animals and people, providing children with 'a fable a week' for a whole year of reading enjoyment. The fables are based on the original stories from Aesop, and they have been carefully edited in simple language for young children who are building confidence in reading.
Each story offers words of wisdom and the moral is summarized in short, simple sentence at the end of the story. Children will be able to identify the good and the bad characters, the wise and the foolish, the weak and the strong, and learn other useful lessons with regards to interacting with others in everyday life.
Lively, colourful illustrations give visual cues about story events and characters, thus enhancing the children's understanding of the stories and adding to their reading pleasure. It is an excellent book for children.

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